Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P 2pro+

S-cross™ 3D Technology:Automatically avoid obstacles, No collision

3D VSLAM:Visually builds a map, and automatically navigates

ToF Camera and High-accuracy Sensor:Work together to measure and compute to check if the upcoming space is wide enough to let it through

3000Pa Strong Suction:High-performance brushless moto.

250ml Smart Water Tank:Control the water flow rate, care your floor. Wet mop 160 squarea meters

5200mAh Large Capacity Battery:Standard mode can work for 180 minutes

Smart Map Management:The district map is automatically generated and saved automatically

V-shaped Main Brush:Deep clean floor crevices.

Sweeping and Mopping the floor at the same time

Cortex-A53 High Performance Chip:Empowers more effective multi-core operation

Software Virtual Wall:Set restricted cleaning area to avoid wet mopping on carpet

New bloated vacuum cleaner: Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro +

New with a label Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro + it will surprise you with its dimensions. The new vacuum cleaner does not deviate in diameter from the standard (35,3 x 35), but the advantage is its low height of only 8,2 centimeters.

Thanks to this, it can also pass under the slits under the seat or furniture, while still being able to overcome obstacles up to a height of 20 millimeters.

The vacuum cleaner has a traditionally minimalist, but elegant design and is made of premium materials. There is also a durable body with a matte black color finish. The weight of the vacuum cleaner stopped at a very pleasant 3,7 kilograms.

High power up to 3000 Pa

Last but not least, the robotic vacuum cleaner also offers high suction power. If you are used to power around 2000 Pa, this vacuum cleaner will offer power up to the level 3000 Pa. The vacuum cleaner offers a powerful integrated motor with an output of 40W.


The functions also include a mop, which together with a water tank with a capacity 250 ml can wash up to 160 square meters. In addition, a dust container with a capacity of up to 550 ml is available for standard vacuuming.

Innovation in the form of a 3D ToF sensor

A major functional improvement over previous generations is the integration of the new one 3D ToF sensor. It is a depth sensor, which you can already know from some smartphones (calculation of depth of field) and right now it is also included in the equipment of the robotic vacuum cleaner.


The scanning and recognition technologies vSLAM, SLAM, which you may know from previous generations, will be complemented by a new ToF sensor. Thanks to the principle of transmitting and re-reflecting photon particles in combination with sophisticated intelligent algorithms, the vacuum cleaner can beautifully draw the whole terrain and its obstacles.


At the same time, the accuracy and sensitivity of the measurement during vacuuming have also increased. The vacuum cleaner can draw the obstacle in full from a distance 10 centimeters and the maximum plotting distance is respectable 5-6 meters. The result is more accurate and perfect vacuuming.


The vacuum cleaner will also be equipped with a powerful processor with a Cortex-A53 core, as well as a double gyroscopic sensor for orientation in space, an optical flow sensor and a Cliff anti-fall sensor, e.g. from the stairs. The underside of the vacuum cleaner contains a thick brush to catch dirt during cleaning.

Mobile application and virtual walls

You can connect the new vacuum cleaner to your smartphone via the well-known Xiaomi Home application. The application is currently available for both Android and iOS operating systems. In the application, it is possible not only to remotely start the vacuum cleaner, but also to recognize rooms, edit the map or determine virtual walls and defined areas where to vacuum / not vacuum.


There is also a choice of vacuuming power (4 values ​​in total) and a choice of moping (3 humidity levels). There are no necessary updates via the mobile application and other options. Voice control in Europe via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa has not yet been confirmed.

High battery capacity

The robotic vacuum cleaner will also offer a high battery capacity with a total capacity of up to 5200 mAh. Many smartphones would envy him for this capacity, which allows him to vacuum up to 180 minutes on a single charge.


This represents a total vacuum area of ​​up to 240 square meters per charge. In the event that the vacuum cleaner accidentally discharges during vacuuming, it will automatically return to the charging station, from where it will continue cleaning from the place where it has just stopped immediately after gaining energy.

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