Starting at 4699 yuan, Lei Jun posted a close-up proof of the real shot of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro: how powerful is the IMX707

Xiaomi’s new-generation digital flagships Xiaomi Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro were officially released. Among them, Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro made the world’s premiere of Sony’s latest generation camera sensor IMX 707, with a 1/1.28-inch outsole.

After 4-in-1, the single pixel can reach 2.44μm, and the light input is increased by 49%. Compared with the IMX 766 equipped with the big cup models on the market, the Mi 12 Pro has a stronger light sensitivity.


In the morning, Lei Jun posted a real shot proof of the Mi 12 Pro. He said that Sony IMX707, 1/1.28″ outsole, 2.44μm fused large pixels, this is Sony’s latest sensor and the largest Sony sensor in domestic mobile phones. The natural blur effect brought by the super outsole is close to that of a SLR. Feel.

In addition, Mi 12 Pro is also equipped with a CyberFocus all-things tracking system, which can automatically recognize human bodies, faces, and even small animals such as cats and dogs. As long as you double-click, you can lock any object at will to achieve focus tracking.

In terms of rear camera configuration, Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is equipped with 50 million IMX 707 main camera (F1.9, support OIS photovoltaic anti-shake, 7P lens, equivalent 24mm focal length), 50 million pixel ultra-wide-angle camera (F2.2, FOV 115 °, 6P lens, equivalent 14mm focal length), 50 million pixels 2X portrait facing telephoto lens (F1.9, equivalent 48mm focal length).

The front camera has 32 million pixels and supports pixel-level skin renewal technology.

At present, Xiaomi 12 Pro has been pre-ordered (deposit 100 yuan), and will be officially launched on all channels at 8 pm on December 31, 8+128GB 4699 yuan, 8+256GB 4999 yuan, 12+256GB 5399 yuan.


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