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  • IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot
    • Model ID:IMILAB V1
    • Input: 24V,1.2A

    • Power (W): 50

    • Self-empty base :Yes

    • Run Time (min): 100-250

    • LDS Navigation :Yes

    • Turbo Brush :Yes

    • Suction Nozzle :Wiping &Ground Brush

    • Max Suction Power :2700Pa

    • Battery Capacity :5200mAh

    • Water Tank: 250ml

    • Noise (dB): <65

    • Dust Tank: 300ml

    • Run Time (min):100-250

    • Disposal Bag Capacity:3 L

    • Charging Time: 6hours

    • Turbo Brush :Yes

    • Nwt Weight :4 kg

    • Dimension :409*397*426

  • Mijia App Sweeping Robots
    • Product size : D350*H94.5MM
    • APP Control : Yes,Mi Home (Android, iOS)
    • Water Tank Detection Sensor : Yes
    • Magnetic  Wall : APP Magnetic Wall
    • Fan Motor : Japan NIDEC Brushless
    • Operation Noise : 69.7db~76.9db
    • Battery  Capacity : 3200mAh
    • Planned Cleaning : Yes
    • Zonal Cleaning : Yes
    • Automatic Charging : Yes
    • Scheduling : Yes
    • Wi-Fi Connection : Yes
    • Side Brush Motor : 395 Series
    • Drive Motor : 520 Series
  • Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop 2C

    Main Features of 1C Robot Vacuum:

    ● Visual Dynamic Navigation System
    Quickly capture coordinate information, extract complex spatial features, maintain dynamic surveys while traveling, map more accurately and efficiently.
    ● VSLAM + 4-core CPU
    More computational, able to locate the exact position of the robot in real time and intelligently draw the working path.
    ● 200ml Water Tank
    Precision water control, wet drag is cleaner.
    ● 2500Pa Powerful Suction
    Equipped with brushless motor, adjust the air duct design, easily absorb dust particles.
    ● Suspension Suction + Powerful Main Brush
    Large diameter suspension suction port, close to the ground.
    ● High Precision Sensor
    15 types of multi-directional sensors, sensitive to various complex environments, easy to avoid obstacles.
    ● Mijia APP Remote Control
    Appointment cleaning, not at home can also control.
    ● 20mm Crossing Obstacle
    Easily climb the threshold, rails, carpet.
    ● 8.2cm Slim Body
    Easy go to the bottom of bed, cabinet and sofa.
    ● Automatic Charge
    Automatically recharge when less than 15% of battery power. When the battery is charged to 80%, return to the power-off position and continue to sweep.

  • Roborock G10
    • The new antibacterial flat mop, fully fits the ground
    • 3,000 times a minute
    • The removal rate of solidified coffee stains is 99.99%
  • Roborock H7
    • Eliminate Pollutants and Allergens
      A five-stage air purification system filters up to 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns. Only clean air escapes.
    • Dust Bag Support
      Swap in a dust bag to get cordless vacuum ease of use while keeping the dustbin clean and avoiding leaks when emptying.
    • Keeps Cleaning Longer
      H7 maintains constant suction throughout your clean, no matter if your dustbin is full or if your battery is almost empty.
    • Constant Suction Power
      The constant suction multi-cyclone design keeps suction consistently strong throughout each cleanup.
    • Featherweight Design
      Weighing just 1.46kg (3.2lbs)*, the vacuum body is easily lifted to up high areas, carried around the house, and out to the car.
    • Clear OLED Screen
      Positioned for easy viewing, a clear OLED display shows current mode, remaining charge, and more.
    • Convenient Power Lock
      Keep suction going without holding down the trigger, so your fingers can take a break.
    • Long Battery Life
      Able to maintain 85% of its power after 400 charging cycles.
    • Quiet
    • Unpleasant noise is minimized by a noise dampening chamber and advanced airflow control, then further reduced by the rear filter.
    • Removable Dustbin and Filters
      Keep things truly clean with a dustbin that is easily removed and washed. No more caked-on dirt.
    • Carpet Boost Mode
      Adopted from Roborock robot vacuums Boost Mode automatically increases suction when a carpet is detected for a more thorough clean.
  • Roborock U10
    • Sufficient friction
    • 99% removal rate of stains once
    • Double brush deposit rate as high as 99.99%

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