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  • Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P 2pro+

    S-cross™ 3D Technology:Automatically avoid obstacles, No collision

    3D VSLAM:Visually builds a map, and automatically navigates

    ToF Camera and High-accuracy Sensor:Work together to measure and compute to check if the upcoming space is wide enough to let it through

    3000Pa Strong Suction:High-performance brushless moto.

    250ml Smart Water Tank:Control the water flow rate, care your floor. Wet mop 160 squarea meters

    5200mAh Large Capacity Battery:Standard mode can work for 180 minutes

    Smart Map Management:The district map is automatically generated and saved automatically

    V-shaped Main Brush:Deep clean floor crevices.

    Sweeping and Mopping the floor at the same time

    Cortex-A53 High Performance Chip:Empowers more effective multi-core operation

    Software Virtual Wall:Set restricted cleaning area to avoid wet mopping on carpet

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