IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

  • Model ID:IMILAB V1
  • Input: 24V,1.2A

  • Power (W): 50

  • Self-empty base :Yes

  • Run Time (min): 100-250

  • LDS Navigation :Yes

  • Turbo Brush :Yes

  • Suction Nozzle :Wiping &Ground Brush

  • Max Suction Power :2700Pa

  • Battery Capacity :5200mAh

  • Water Tank: 250ml

  • Noise (dB): <65

  • Dust Tank: 300ml

  • Run Time (min):100-250

  • Disposal Bag Capacity:3 L

  • Charging Time: 6hours

  • Turbo Brush :Yes

  • Nwt Weight :4 kg

  • Dimension :409*397*426


get rid of the time consuming chores

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Core Features

Automatic Dirt Collection        Carpet Mode        3in 1 Vacuum,Dweep and Mop        Accurat LDS navigation
Powerful Suction 2700pa     4 Hours Runtiome       Customized cleaning zone             Multi Floor Mapping

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Get Rid of the Time-Consuming Chores

Enabiling you to throw the dust away just once a month

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Deep clean the carpet

V1 can recognize the different surface type,It’s smart enough to adapt the cleaning strategy to varying surfaces. When approaching thicker and heavier rugs, it will increase the suction and remove any underlying dirt.

IMILAB V1 Vacuum RobotIMILAB V1 Vacuum RobotIMILAB V1 Vacuum RobotIMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

3 in 1

Dirt Has Nowhere to Hide


2700pa powerful Suction With Noise-Reduction Capabilities

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

High-efficency multi-layer filter

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot


250ML Large Water Tank / Adjustable Water Release

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

AI Mapping System

Never miss a spot or sweep the same place twice.

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Multiple Maps
It can save maps of different room/floors, and using maps for sweeping.

No Go
you can edit virtual walls: it will not sweep “No Go Zone”

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

20mm Obstacle Climbing
When performing a cleaning cycle, is 0.8″(20 mm)

Smart Obstacle Avoiding
Will not get stuck under the bed or sweep up valuable objects

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Anti – Drop Sensor
It can detect the stairs and will not fall under stairs.

9.8cm Slim Design
It can be used to clean the TV cabinet or under the chair.

IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Long – Lasting Battery

With 5200mAh bulit -in battery pack, IMILAB cleans up to 4+ hours per charge. Ideal for large homes and spaces.IMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Auto Charge & Breakpoint Resume

It goes back to charger automatically, and once charged it will come back to original position and continue to clean.IMILAB V1 Vacuum RobotContorol it all on Mihome

Reach More FloorsIMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

Start cleaning anytime anywhere

Targeted Room Cleaning

IMILAB V1 Vacuum RobotIMILAB V1 Vacuum Robot

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