Mi Type-C Dual Driver Earphones

USB Type-c interface
Moving ring+ceramic speaker double unit acoustic architecture
Semi-in-ear conmfort wear
High toughness wire+MEMS microphone remote control
Digital decoder chip
Half in-ear wearing structure
MEMS microphone remote control

Mi Type-C Dual Driver Earphones

Xiaomi dual unit half in-ear headphones Typ-C version

From Ear to Heart, Listen to the Hatsune

USB Type-C interface | Moving ring + ceramic speaker double unit acoustic architecture

Semi-in-ear comfort wear | High toughness wire + MEMS microphone remote control


Powerful pie with high quality shape

The classic black and white temperament color matching, the smooth and exquisite appearance of the lines, such as the ear pearl, simple and slim; the ceramic texture of the shiny body,Outline the details of the scent, making the music robbery even more remarkable.


USB Type-C interface

Compact size, plug and play

The plug part adopts the USB Type-c interface that conforms to the mobile phone market torrent, has a slimmer design than the 3.5mm interface, supports positive and negative plugging, and carries a powerful technical core than its stylish and lightweight compact shape.


Digital decoder chip Highly restored, lossless transmission

The high-quality digital decoding chip is equipped with hardware support for high-resolution audio. It has high decoding rate and high signal-to-noise ratio. It greatly reduces the attenuation of audio during transmission. It restores the sound quality and brings excellent music performance, making it easy for you to enjoy listening.


Moving coil + ceramic horn Innovative interpretation of high and low audio

The persistence of uncompromising sound quality has prompted us to constantly break the rules and innovate. In order to pursue a better music experience, we creatively placed a multi-layer ceramic unit and a moving coil unit in the same earphone cavity, and the different frequency bands are divided into different parts to reproduce each song you are familiar with.


Dynamic unit  Easily interpret mid-low frequency sound

The dynamic unit excels in the mellow medium-low audio, making the tri-band connection smoother and more natural, clear and fascinating sound performance and rich bass feedback, soft and comfortable, melodious and comfortable, resulting in a more transparent stereo listening experience.


Ceramic horn High frequency performance accurately restores the natural sound quality

The thin ceramic speaker unit produces smooth and high- definition sound quality through two- way vibration. The faster transient response allows the high-frequency range to be extended up to 40KHZ. It can analyze and restore the sound quality with a high degree of precision and high- precision. sense.


Comfortable to wear, comfortable and easy

Whether you are listening to the radio on the commuter, listening to a sleeping song before going to sleep, or accompanying the music in the afternoon, you can meet the needs of your ears, and make the usual lttle things comfortable and beautiful.


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