Mi Robort Vacuum-mop Pro

LDS Laser Navigation-Smarter route planning
Washable HEPA filter
Mop-automatic room detection and room division
300ml dust box-200ml water tank
Very quiet -2100Pa suction power -3200mAh high efficiency battery

Mi Robort Vacuum-mop  Pro


Vacuum cleaner and mop at the same time

With an extremely intelligent algorithm, the vacuum cleaner and the mop Mi Robot Vacuum can be used simultaneously. In other words, one cleaning, two jobs! You can also choose to use only a vacuum cleaner or only a mop. If you use a mop, Mi Robot Vacuum will run a unique algorithm. Simulate manual wiping, which is the same as manual wiping, repeat drying twice. The intelligent electronically controlled water tank with 3 positions can accurately distribute the amount of water required for wet floors without damaging the floor.


New generation LDS laser navigation system

The new LDS laser system has an upgraded algorithm that is faster, more accurate, and can scan longer distances than before. It can also handle complex environments, so your vacuum cleaner is always as efficient as possible.


Bedroom, living room or kitchen: choose the place you want to clean

After the first cleaning, the vacuum cleaner will recognize and save the cleaned room. You can then fold, share and name the room to choose to send the vacuum cleaner to the room you wish to clean. Of course, all of these can be easily controlled through the Mi Home app on the phone.


Say goodbye to tejp and other accessories with restricted areas and virtual walls

Say goodbye to the tape and other accessories on the floor! If you do n’t want to clean a specific area, you can easily create a virtual wall in the Mi Home application, which can be directly learned by the vacuum cleaner. You no longer need to buy tapes or other tools to create restricted areas or virtual walls. In addition, adding temporary walls or adjusting existing walls is very easy, we think this is the most important!


5 facts about Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro

Large battery means 110 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning

The recharge function is the cleaning that starts when Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro resumes charging enough to complete the cleaning work

You can easily clean and replace the parts on Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro in order to continue cleaning to reach the peak level.

Compatible with Google Assistance and Alexa. It only takes your voice to start or end cleaning.

Conveniently store the power cord in the charging station to keep your home stylish


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