Roborock S5 Max Sweeping Mopping Cleaner for home

Mopping the floor every day makes it easy to clean every time
Designed for seamless automatic mop
Do n’t worry about reducing morning trouble

Roborock S5Max

Robororock S5Max 1

Sustaining strong suction

If your vacuum cleaner is weak, it will leave as much dust as possible

S5 Max is equipped with a special fan, the speed is 15000rpm,

Direct airflow through carefully designed channels. The suction it generates is sufficient to lift the AA battery.

The dust on the hard texture board is not obstructed. There was no dust on the carpet.

Even if the trash can is full, the suction power can remain strong.

Robororock S5Max 2

Comprehensive cleaning control

S5 Max understands the layout of your house. Its laser rangefinder rotates at 300rpm

Send 360-degree area scans in real time through a custom algorithm. Using this data, it can create accurate floor plans,

And know where the room is in your room.

In this way, you can arrange cleaning for a room, multiple rooms, or the entire family with a few taps on your phone.

Mopping the floor instead of the carpet

No one wants to wipe the carpet. Stop using virtual mop-free areas and obstacles.

Use mop-free areas and barrier-free areas and obstacles to fully control the operating position of S5 Max.

Remove the mop unit, no mop barrier disappears, so that the S5 Max can pump water freely to clean the entire house.

Robororock S5Max 3

Clean every time

Dragging the water in the water tank to heavy pressure means that the floor has not been properly cleaned.

When using water, the compressing force of the rag will become weak and dust will be left behind. from start to finish,

The spring mop of S5 Max is pressed down with 300g force. Therefore, the last cleaned area is as fresh as the first area.

Sensitive to your home

Once S5 Max is free from the constraints of your home, you can continue to use it. A series of environmental sensors,

Including accelerometer, odometer, infrared, compass, and ultra-precision maps of the bumper and its room,

It means it can conduct business safely. It won’t roll down the stairs, get stuck or bump into your wall.

Robororock S5Max 4

Faster and better

The powerful 32-bit quad-core processor gives S5 Max an extraordinary level of intelligence.

It’s not just stupidly mapping a room. It understands the shape of the room and understands where the obstacles are.

It uses this knowledge to change its navigation and calculate the most effective route for each room.

And the best way to get around obstacles. spare no effort

Robororock S5Max 5

Mopping the floor again and again

A huge 290ml water tank is enough to clean a 700 square foot apartment more than 3 times at a time

Or a 2600 square foot house. The ultra-precision peristaltic pump used for hospital intravenous drip has been tested for more than 1500 hours.

Now, all you have to do every day is to fill the water tank and make a schedule.

Every drop falls on your order

From the free Roborock APP, choose the right water flow for any floor type;

From low-flow stones to high-flow dirty kitchens.

In small areas, it shuts off the raw water, and shuts off the water after completion,

As a result, the mop begins to dry when returning to the dock.

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