MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3

Virus killer system
2600Pa Super Suction
Super strong suction & big battery
Support 5 maps
LDS laser navigation + SLAM algorithm

MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3

A Virus Killer System Like an Air Purifier

The HEPA flter using silver copper ion anti-toxic material,which has effective adsorption for kllig indoor micro virus up to 9%6. The powerful Virus Killer sterilization system composed of HEPA filter and disposable rag with sterilizing function makes the exhaust gas fresh and sterile, reaching the same level as the air purifier.

MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3-

Creating Accurate Map to Avoid Obstacles

Upgraded LDS mapping navigation to quickly build more stable, more accurate maps, easy to deal with complex environments.


AI Dynamic Path + SLAM Algorithm

Improves Cleaning Efficiency by 30% AI dynamic path algorithm to scan the uncleaned environment by laser radar, Al ntelligent judgment to clean the nearest principle, calculate the optimal path, and do not miss any corner, shorten the cleaning time, the cleaning eficiency improved by 30%. Equipped with Cortex-A7 4 core processor and SLAM algorithm, it can position the machine more quickly and draw the cleaning path accurately.

MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3-0

Scientific Sweeping & Healthy Mopping 250m Area in One Time 

Equipped with 550ml large water tank and 550ml dust box to quickly collect dirt, hair, debris, etc. Combined with Al Y-type simulated manual cleaning system, it can 130 work for 150 minutes and clean 250mf area in one go.

1·MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3

MEWP Micro Precision Electric Water Pump More Precise Water Volume

The upgraded MEWP micro precision electric control water pump with the 3 levels of water volume control system, which is not affected by the remaining water and air pressure, say goodbye to the bad experience of soaking floor, unclean mopping and water leakage. The electric control water tank will automatically stop watering when the robot vacuum cleaner is recharged.

2·MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3

3 Types of Sweeping and Mopping Mode to Meet Different Cleaning Needs

Choose the cleaning mode for different environments. When the floor is particularly dity, choose to sweep first and then mop; when moderately dirty, the sweeping eficiency is higher while mopping; when slightly dirty, just need to mop the floor once.

3·MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3

Upgrade Y-Mopping 2.0 System, Once is Enough

Breaking through a single s type mopping path, addinga Y-type path, bidirectional reciprocating wiping and higher cleaning coverage. The S-type mode sweeps the dust, and the sweeping speed is fast. The Y-type mode sweeps back and forth to deeply remove dirt without leaving dead corners. The two modes. can be switched freely based on the degree of dirt on the floor, which is more efficient.


2600Pa the Strongest Suction on the Market, Clean Bigger House in Less Time

The Japan-made Nidec brushless motor with high power and powerful performance to make the suC- tion increased by 25%, The air blower upgraded the rotate speed up to 18000 r/min, which increased by 10%. Strong air volume can thoroughly clean any corner of the room.


4·MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3

5·MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3

6·MI Viomi Robot Vacuum Black V3




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