Roborock S6 Sweeping Mopping Cleaner for home

Amazing efficiency Smarter and faster cleaning
Excellent vacuuming performance makes your floor brighter
Intelligent map control for better cleaning tasks

Roborock S6

roborock s6 1

Adaptive routing can increase space processing speed by 20%

S6 understands your kitchen from the game room and the bedroom from the living room

High-precision laser rangefinder rotates at 300rpm while scanning your room

Send data through custom algorithms to generate up to 98% accurate floor plans

Single room, multiple rooms and even the whole room

roborock s6 2.

Smarter and faster

Powerful 32-bit quad-core processor (same as similar processor in smartphone)

Can calculate the best and fastest way to clean each room

Of course, it will not miss an inch

Feel, avoid and more

Accelerometer, odometer, infrared cliff sensor

Large sensor arrays such as compasses (a total of 14 sensor types) can realize 360 ° sensing

This can enhance the navigation function, prevent it from falling, avoid getting into trouble, and ensure the safety of your home decoration

roborock s6 3

Amazing suction

The powerful suction can lift the AA battery, and it is easy to dredge the dust and pet hair from the carpet

It can be pulled off the wooden floor. Generated by a fan rotating at 15000rpm and guided by an advanced airflow system

The suction power of S6 actually remains constant. Even if the trash can is full.

Whisper softly, this may be the best robot vacuum cleaner for picking up pets or children.

roborock s6 4

Tough but gentle

The new cleaning brush increases the bristle density by 250%, and the bristles are also softer

Rotating it at 1350 rpm is still soft on the floor, but hard on dust.

Oversized lithium-ion battery means up to 3 hours and 3 hours of uninterrupted cleaning

roborock s6 5

A disposable mop pad is attached, wiped and thrown away. Mopping has never been easier

Automatic recharge, before the battery is exhausted, the S6 series will first charge and continue

Easy maintenance Quick maintenance or replacement of parts to keep the S6 series clean at 100%

Quickly release the main brush and remove the main brush more easily to speed up cleaning



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