From 1699 yuan! The new Huawei smart glasses are here: support smart broadcast

On December 23, Huawei’s winter flagship new product launch conference was held as scheduled. In addition to mobile phones and other products at this conference, the new Huawei smart glasses also officially debuted. Based on the distributed capabilities of HarmonyOS 2, the new Huawei smart glasses are fully upgraded in terms of interaction and connection experience. In addition, Huawei has also introduced new features on new products in consideration of user health issues. In terms of price, optical mirrors are priced at 1,699 yuan, and sunglasses are priced at 1,899 yuan.


In terms of appearance, the new Huawei smart glasses use a detachable front frame design. Users can match different frames according to their needs to make the shape more exciting; there are three retro classic frames, Boston frame, Wellington frame and aviator frame, which is not only It is a pair of glasses, but also a fashion item. In addition, this time Huawei smart glasses have joined the DESIGN FOR HUAWEI program, introducing multiple frame styles based on three basic classic frame types.


In terms of battery life that everyone is concerned about, the new product can be worn for up to 16 hours after being fully charged, supports wired magnetic charging, and can be charged both front and back. In addition, the glasses support IPX4 life waterproof, and can be used normally in rainy weather or sports sweating.


In addition, this glasses adopts an open auditory design, with 128mm ultra-thin large-amplitude speakers in the temples; an inverse sound field acoustic system is adopted, and the directional sound cavity + sound vent structure can effectively reduce the sound around the ears. The situation of sound leakage protects the user’s personal privacy. In addition, the glasses use a dual MIC anti-wind noise design to make the product pick up more clearly, and users can maintain a good call experience even when they are outdoors.


The new Huawei smart glasses support all-weather smart broadcasting. When they are worn for the first time every day, the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors in the glasses are sensed, and the product will automatically play the weather forecast and the schedule of the day. At the same time, the glasses can intelligently broadcast information in the system APP and third-party APP applications such as WeChat and Meituan, such as flight and high-speed rail travel reminders, approaching schedule reminders, WeChat reminders, takeaway reminders, etc.

It is worth mentioning that this time Huawei has made efforts in the health aspect that everyone attaches importance to. The new product is equipped with accurate sensors, which will monitor and remind users to adjust in real time according to the changes in the user’s head posture. In addition to health reminders, the product can also analyze cervical spine bearing, evaluate and manage cervical spine health, allowing users to maintain a healthy cervical spine state.

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