Ninebot Segway Smart Shared Scooter T60

Segway T60 is different from the electric scooters on the market. It adopts an inverted three-wheeled structural design, which not only makes the vehicle more stable in driving, but also incorporates new generation information such as autonomous navigation + remote control technology, artificial intelligence AI algorithm, and 5G communication. technology.

With a series of new technologies, vehicles can automatically avoid obstacles to reach designated locations and identify passable areas, and establish path planning, which has changed the traditional pattern of intensive delivery to achieve human-vehicle matching. One-to-many remote scheduling is possible, further reducing operation and maintenance costs.

In addition, on the cloud service platform of the Segway T60 smart shared scooter, you can also obtain real-time feedback on abnormal vehicle status, repair in time, reduce product loss, and reduce the hardware depreciation cost of the scooter.

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