Roborock S6 Pure Sweeping Mopping Cleaner for home

Amazing efficiency Smarter and faster cleaning
Excellent vacuuming performance makes your floor brighter
Intelligent map control for better cleaning tasks

Roborock S6 Pure

Roborock S6 Pure 1

Adaptive routing algorithm

Understand the shape of each room and the location of obstacles in your home, so it can choose the best cleaning path

Go where you want to go

Equipped with a high-precision laser rangefinder rotating at 300 rpm, your robot can create 98% accurate floor plans

You can learn about the kitchen from the game room and the bedroom from the living room. You can arrange the cleaning of one or more rooms

Room cleaning has never been easier

Roborock S6 Pure 2

Wisdom is faster

Use a powerful 32-bit quad-core processor (same as the same processor in a smartphone)

Calculate the most effective way to clean each room without missing anything.

Simultaneous sweeping

The sweeping system is designed to improve wind energy utilization and suck all dust into the bin

Without any residue. Mop system prevents folding edges, leaving no water marks and still water stains

Work once, clean thoroughly

Roborock S6 Pure 3

Selective room cleaning

Choose one or more specific rooms to clean immediately, or set a cleaning schedule for different rooms at different times of the day.

Powerful 2000Pa big suction

2000Pa powerful suction and multi-mode system, carpet, mute, mop, balance, Turbo and Max modes

Can be flexibly switched between different modes to meet the requirements of different floor types. Enjoy your cleaning time.

Roborock S6 Pure 4

Long battery life

5200mAh ultra-high battery capacity, can work continuously for 150 minutes, very suitable for large houses and multiple rooms

Low blanket rugs, hard floors, wooden floors and all types of floors. A

Automatic recharge

Before the power is exhausted, Roborock S6 Pure will charge and continue to run.

Virtual restricted areas and barriers

Protect fragile items and stop the Roborock S6 from entering the room with a few taps in the app

No tapes, no additional purchases

Roborock S6 Pure 5

14 sensors

Extensive sensors ensure that Roborock S6 can navigate your house smoothly and thoroughly

These include high-precision laser rangefinders and infrared cliff sensors that continuously scan for water droplets such as stairs

Carpet sensors that trigger the power increase on the carpet and so on.

Quiet and clean

The measured value of Roborock S6 is 56db, as quiet as the conversation at home

Can run easily without affecting your family life.

Automatic recharge

If the clean space is very large, Roborock S6 will return to the charging dock when the battery is low

And charge to 80%, then continue to clean up from where it stopped.

Intelligent APP control

Use the Mi Home App to plan, save maps, set up restricted areas and isolation zones, zone cleaning, local cleaning, direction control, real-time monitoring and customization. Compatible with Android and IOS, support Alexa voice control.


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