Smart PTZ camera ultra-clear version is officially on sale, using low-light full-color technology

On May 11th, Honor Smart Life announced that the ultra-clear version of the Honor Pro-choice smart pan/tilt camera was officially launched. The retail price is 199 yuan, and the first sale is a limited time discount of 10 yuan, which can be started at 189 yuan.

Compared with the previous generation, the image quality of this BYBLUE smart camera ultra-clear version is further optimized, WDR wide dynamic + smart PQ face technology, presents higher-quality portraits; low-light full-color + infrared night vision, images in low-light environments The color is more clear.

With the support of the HiSilicon chip, the 1080P image quality is better than the 2K image quality of the non-HiSilicon chip, F2.0 large aperture, more light input, super-sensitive CMOS, and the image is delicate and natural. More excellent picture quality can not only achieve 24-hour home care and security, but also record every beautiful moment at all times.

This ultra-clear version of BYBLUE smart cloud camera also has well-thought-out features that can achieve smooth communication and take care of the home at any time. When the connection between mobile phones is smooth, you can easily call the ultra-clear version of BYBLUE smart cloud camera, present the real-time picture of the camera to the other party, chat and watch the house, and take you across the border. Space scene experience.

In addition, this Honor-selected BYBLUE smart pan/tilt camera ultra-clear version also has smart and convenient functions such as one-key direct calling, one-key sharing, 360° panoramic cruise, double-speed review, and multiple channels on the same screen. Multiple dimensions such as occlusion, data encryption, encrypted transmission, and login verification have built a stronger privacy defense system to protect your privacy.

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