Huawei FreeBuds 4 wireless headphones are on sale! Semi-open active noise reduction 999 Yuan

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 takes Open-fit Active Noise Cancellation to new heights, incorporating all-new adaptive ear-matching technology for even greater audio immersion. The open-fit design allows air pressure to stay equalised, while ensuring important environmental sounds can still be heard — for a safer, more comfortable wearing experience even after long hours of use.

*The closer the fit of the earbuds, the greater the noise cancellation effect. Smaller ear cavities allow the earbuds to achieve a greater noise cancellation effect than larger ear cavities. It is recommended to maintain a close fit when wearing the earbuds to maximize the noise cancellation effect.

In terms of appearance, FreeBuds 4 continues the classic circular symmetrical design, with three colors of ceramic white, honey red, and frosty silver, frosted shell, 14.3mm dynamic coil 40kHz range, bass enhancement engine low frequency increase by 50%, and AI sound effects Compensation technology blessing.

The size of the charging box is smaller than that of Huawei Freebuds3, but the overall battery life remains the same. A single battery life of 4 hours, 15 minutes of charging can bring 2.5 hours of battery life

Every ear is different. That’s why HUAWEI FreeBuds 4 uses adaptive ear-matching technology to detect your unique in-ear shape and how you wear the earbuds, then intelligently selects from a variety of noise cancellation modes to achieve optimal low-frequency sound reduction.

In other respects, the headset uses a feed-forward microphone + feedback microphone design, a semi-closed wind-proof design, an enhanced pickup tube, and noise reduction technology that can achieve 48kHz sampling rate vocal recording; there is also Huawei’s second-generation low-latency technology (90ms ) Blessing, 50% lower than the previous generation

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