Beats Studio Buds real machine unveiled, no earphone handle supports USB-C charging

The fact that Apple is working on a new pair of truly wireless earbuds shouldn’t be surprising at all to anyone. The AirPods line is highly successful, and obviously the company would want to keep it fresh. But these aren’t that, they will be Beats branded. Okay, in fairness, that’s probably not very surprising either, considering Apple owns the brand and its bread and butter is headphones. But look at them. Just… look at them.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Beats Studio Buds. They look like every other pair of truly wireless earbuds out there except any of the other ones Apple makes. There’s zero resemblance to any of the AirPods here. None. No stems. Just a pretty generic design with a big Beats “b” to make sure the wearer lets everyone around know which brand these are. That’s par for the course for Beats products, and probably a huge reason for their success.


Like other in-ear headphones, Beats Studio Buds will also be equipped with silicone earplugs of different sizes. In addition, Beats Studio Buds will also be equipped with an oval-colored charging box. According to previous reports, the color scheme of the charging box will be consistent with that of the headset, and the headset box will be charged with a USB-C interface, so even if you are not an Apple ecological user, you can use this headset with peace of mind.

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