Ninebot C15 is an electric scooter designed for women.

The C15 body uses the collision of Morandi classic Prussian blue and cherry blossom pink to shine. There is also a full-color breathing light on the chassis, which achieves the effect of Ambilight when traveling at night.

10.6Kg ultra-light body, small opening and closing size of the brake lever, specially made for girls; TPR polymer grip cover, soft to the touch; in addition, there are also selling points such as sandblasting coating, silicone pedal pads, and built-in car bells.

The 7-inch tires are high-elastic wear-resistant solid tires, which are free of inflation and do not burst. They can pass through wetlands, sand and gravel, gentle slopes, small obstacles, ceramic tiles and other ground.

It uses a brushless and Hallless hub motor, which is powerful, durable and reliable, and supports dual modes of electric and electric assistance. The maximum speed is 20km/h and the endurance is 15km.

The No. 9 electric scooter C15 is suitable for users aged 10-50, suitable for heights of 1.4 meters to 1.8 meters, and a maximum load of 75kg.

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