NAVEE Land Cruise Electric Scooter N65: 500W brushless DC motor, 65km endurance

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin launched the NAVEE land cruising electric scooter N65. Suzhou Tantu Intelligent Technology is an innovative high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of smart scooters and electric scooters. Bring a “safe, comfortable and intelligent” riding experience.

The N65 uses a larger capacity battery pack, which increases the cruising range to 65km, enabling a one-week ride with one charge and getting rid of the troubles of short battery life and frequent charging.

The scooter uses a double-rotation installation-free folding system, which can be easily installed in 2 steps: vertical pole folding and front folding without taking up too much space.

Equipped with 500W brushless DC motor, it has the characteristics of high power, high energy efficiency, low heat generation, etc., the climbing performance is increased by 20%, and the energy efficiency ratio is increased by 15%. There are three kinds of speed adjustable, click the SET button to switch: third gear 35km/h, second gear 25km/h, first gear 15km/h.

Not only that, the N65 also uses 10-inch widened off-road pneumatic tires. Compared with the traditional thin tires, off-road tires have a more stable and comfortable riding experience. At the same time, the wide cross-country tires and deeper patterns greatly enhance the safety of product riding.

In other highlights, the 170mm wide pedal design allows users to stand more freely, and the weight of the vehicle reaches 120kg; high-elastic silicone bumped pedals, non-slip cushioning; ergonomically designed TPE grips, enhance the grip while increasing With anti-slip bumps; independent large-screen instrument, speed and power are clear at a glance.

In terms of braking, the N65 adopts a dual-brake design with front electronic brakes and rear disc brakes. It responds in a timely manner, braking distance is shorter, and the sense of safety is doubled. The super bright headlights are equipped to ensure driving safety at night.

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