Roborock S7 vacuum cleaner robot, a stronger and more advanced smart home cleaning assistant

Roborock makes the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner on the market. It just released a new flagship model-Roborock S7 at CES 2021. Roborock S7 is better at dealing with stubborn stains, the mopping mode is smarter, and it can even empty the trash bin by itself. Roborock S7 provides 2500Pa suction power and improves the internal brush. This model uses rubber fins instead of traditional brushes, and has more vertical movement, which means it can work longer and provide better cleaning services.

Roborock S7 can simultaneously mopping and vacuuming in the same cleaning program. When a carpet is detected, Roborock S7 will pull up the carpet without the user setting the vacuum or mopping mode. Roborock also introduces sonic vibration technology into the mopping process, which can wipe up to 3000 times per minute. Roborock promises that the more stubborn stains and dirt on hard surfaces will be removed.

The robot mopping process in the past was very difficult, requiring customers to spend time and investment to set up obstacles or areas. Roborock S7 has completely changed the mopping experience through surface recognition technology, which is designed to automatically lift mop elements and avoid carpets, making mopping completely effortless, while also providing deeper cleaning than ever. A major improvement of Roborock S7 is the automatic emptying function, which is the first Roborock vacuum cleaner that can empty the dust bucket by itself. But the base to achieve this feat will not be launched until later this year.

Roborock S7 is equipped with a 300ml water tank, a 5200mAh battery, provides 3 hours of battery life, a dirt trash bin capacity of 470ml, supports LiDAR room scanning and Alexa and Google Assistant.

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