Xiaomi presents 1999RMB red envelopes to the first batch of users, Nearly 100,000 people have already received it

Ten years ago, Lei Jun and several co-founders drank a bowl of millet porridge and started Xiaomi’s entrepreneurial road. Today, August 16, Xiaomi mobile phone ushered in its tenth birthday.

Earlier this morning, Lei Jun posted a picture on Weibo: “From Mi 1 to Mi 11, MIX1 to MIX3, a total of 13 models make up Xiaomi’s ten years. This is my collection. How many models do you have?”

Among them, the most impressive is the 1st generation of Xiaomi mobile phones. At that time, Xiaomi, as a start-up company, made a flagship mobile phone with a price of 1999 yuan, which was only sold online. This is the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phones, and an incredible thing has happened:

It was released on September 13, and the first booking amount was as high as 300,000 units. Millet has been rolling and crawling for more than three months, and it was not until December 17 that all the first batch of orders were completed. The number of users who waited patiently for a few months and paid the balance amounted to 184,600.

For this reason, at the Xiaomi MIX 4 conference, Lei Jun decided to present a 1999 yuan red envelope to the first batch of users. According to data released by Lei Jun , nearly 100,000 people have already received it.

It is reported that the first batch of users who have purchased the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phones can log in to the Xiaomi store to search for “Xiaomi 10th Anniversary” and get a red envelope of 1999 yuan. On August 16th, users who received red envelopes can purchase any goods in Xiaomi Mall without any threshold or routines.

On social networks, Xiaomi’s first-generation users from all walks of life have posted their own red envelopes. They said: They did not expect Xiaomi to return 1999 yuan red envelopes to themselves in 10 years, and the pattern of Xiaomi is bigger.



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