Xiaomi Civic released: the best-looking Xiaomi phone in history

On September 27, the new trend series of Xiaomi mobile phones-Xiaomi Civi was officially released. With the new velvet AG technology, only 6.98mm body, 166g light, Xiaomi Civi became the best-looking Xiaomi phone in history, and it is also the lightest and thinnest at the same price. Selfie flagship phone.

Today, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Civi, which is a brand new series, will continue to increase investment in the trend of mobile phones.

The Mi Civi is equipped with a 32MP ultra-clear selfie lens on the front, with AF autofocus, two soft lights, and a 64MP high-definition main camera on the rear.

At the same time, Xiaomi Civi pioneered the concept of native beautifying portraits, introducing pixel-level skin renewal technology, and using GAN technology to allow artificial intelligence to continuously learn the natural good-looking skin effects, and use machine learning to truly restore the original good skin.

In addition, Xiaomi Civi uses a new generation of COP packaging technology, supports 120Hz high brush, 1 billion color display and primary color screen adjustment, built-in 4500mAh large battery, and is also the best Xiaomi phone with the best battery life so far this year.

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