Xiaomi MIX 4/iPhone has already been implemented! Google Pixel 6 supports UWB

Google Pixel 6 series supports UWB.

UWB is called Ultra Wide Band, which is ultra-wideband technology.

This is a wireless carrier communication technology that uses a frequency bandwidth above 1GHz. It does not use the sinusoidal carrier in the traditional communication system, but uses nanosecond non-sine wave narrow pulses to transmit data, so it occupies a large spectrum. Although wireless communication is used, the data transmission rate can reach hundreds of megabits per second.

At present, there are not many brands that have used UWB ultra-wideband technology on a large scale. The most well-known brands are Apple and Xiaomi (Xiaomi MIX 4 supports UWB).

Take Apple as an example. Fast file sharing can be achieved between iPhones equipped with Apple’s U1 ultra-wideband chip. When the phone is close to the HomePod mini smart speaker with built-in ultra-wideband chip, it can play music and get personalized listening suggestions; and built-in ultra-wideband After the AirTag of the chip is bound, the iPhone has the ability to accurately locate and track items indoors.

The Google Pixel 6 series will support UWB. Reports say that Google added a native API for UWB in early 2021, which will provide the underlying support for unlocking more gameplay for the Google Pixel 6 series.

The aircraft will debut this fall.

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